concert for cause gala – timeless masterpieces of cinema music

29 may 2015

hong kong jockey club amphitheatre, academy for the performing arts

for the first time ever, through timeless masterpieces of cinema music, andrea morricone, the masterful composer of the beloved "love theme" from cinema paradiso, joins exquisite clarinetist seunghee lee to bring you an unforgettable evening.

the programme for this unique charity concert has been specially arranged by maestro morricone for clarinet, piano and orchestra. coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration of this timeless classical film, andrea morricone offers his newest arranagement of cinema paradiso, for which both he and his father, ennio morricone received the coveted BAFTA award for the best original film score.

about concert for cause:
four years ago, seunghee lee founded an afternoon tea home-concert series called "concert for cause". by inviting the founders of loacl grassroots charities to her home to share their mission, and by shining a light on current humanitarian issues, ms. lee created a wonderful pathway to use music as a bridge to bring people together and to awaken the goodness and the philanthropic hearts inside everyone. through "concert for cause", seunghee lee is passionate about bringing awareness, visibility and create a legacy for giving by everyone lending a helping hand to local charities and people in need, in process transforming people's hearts to make a real difference in the world, one concert at a time.

net procceds and all ticket sales from the concert will support the following hong kong registered charities:
arts with disability association
children's medical foundation
missione possibile
new sight congo
the mekong club

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